Colourful pride procession: ‘Live and let live’

Pride walk - Eindhoven
Photo credit: Studio040

A colourful, enthusiastic procession of some 1,500 people marched through the centre of Eindhoven last Saturday afternoon. In honour of Pride month, a Pride walk was organised for the first time. The Mayor also unveiled the Regenboogplein.

“It’s good that nobody gets pushed away anymore,” -Dijsselbloem.

“I didn’t even know there were so many queers in Eindhoven,” exclaims an emotional Mia from Deurne. “I think this is really nice to see because it can be quite lonely at times. It’s so nice to see that many people here in Eindhoven are connected by their ‘queerness’ or something.”

“Get used to it”

In April, a group of football supporters attacked a COC building in Eindhoven. A COC volunteer was assaulted, and a rainbow flag hanging on the facade was pulled off and set on fire.

“This is also why it is very good that we, all people of all colours and all genders, do not allow ourselves to be pushed away and are not afraid either,” states Mayor Dijsselbloem. “Something you thankfully hear a lot from people here is: ‘We are allowed to be here. Get used to it.’ That’s good. Push back.”

“I can’t say it loud enough”

With her white-grey hair and glittery rainbow cap, 68-year-old Ankie stands out, especially in the crowd. “I pray in the Catholic Church as others too; not just husband and wife, may have children. But that there are multiple forms, and we may leave that behind.”

Mia did find the trip to the centre exciting. “I was a bit scared as I rode my bike here with my rainbow cap on. Someone was already gesturing from his car, ‘to get lost ‘. I was afraid of getting hit. That’s why I’m standing here. I can’t say it loud enough: We are all allowed to be there!”

“Nice tolerance, perfect”

“I left Arnhem because there is a lot of physical and verbal violence there,” says trans woman Davina, who moved to Veldhoven this week. On Friday, she walked through the centre of Eindhoven for the first time. Something not natural for her. Yet she was not too bad. “Nothing was going on. Nice tolerance, perfect. They just look at you, but that’s all they do.”

And also, on Saturday, Davina is enjoying herself with all the other runners in the Pride Walk. “I am all woman and so happy to be here,” she says. Ankie puts an arm around her shoulder. “I’m Ankie,” she says encouragingly. “I am Davina. Let everyone be who they want to be. Live and let live!”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn


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