Companies in Eindhoven in trouble due to power shortage

Electricity shortage picture credit: Enexis

Grid manager Enexis warns of insufficient grid capacity. The electricity grid in Eindhoven-West can no longer cope with the demand for electricity.


There is too much demand for electricity, but not enough capacity to meet that demand. The problem lies with the high-voltage sub-stations in Eindhoven-West and Hapert.

In Eindhoven, the increasing number of companies is one of the causes. Companies switching from gas to electricity and the increase in car charging stations are also putting more pressure on the electricity network. Besides the increase in demand, the supply of electricity has also grown in recent years due to a rapid increase in green power. An upgrade of the power network capacity is not planned until 2025.


Individuals will not be affected by the situation; it is companies that use a lot of electricity that suffer. If the demand increases even more, it will be temporarily impossible for companies to establish themselves in Eindhoven and they will have to relocate to other areas. Also, it will not be possible for companies to make the desired switch from gas to electricity. In order to prevent this, there may be possibilities for companies to use less electricity during peak moments. A next step is to pay large users to use less electricity.


Because the high-tech region Brainport is an economically important region, Enexis, Metropolitan Region Eindhoven and the province are working on solutions. For example, by accelerating the process towards a capacity increase.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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