Train traffic returns to normal after day of major disruption

eindhoven train station
File photo of EIndhoven Central

Trains in our country are running as normal again from Monday morning. This is reported by the Dutch Railways (NS). In Den Bosch, among others, there are no longer any indications of a major national failure at the NS, which is why train traffic came to a complete halt at noon on Sunday. A huge problem resulted in stranded passengers and overcrowded platforms.

The failure affected the system that makes up-to-date schedules for trains and staff. This system is necessary to travel safely and on time, according to the NS. When something goes wrong somewhere on the track, the system adapts accordingly. Due to the malfunction, this was no longer possible.

Disrupted was also the current travel information. The travel advice in the journey planner showed no delays or cancelled trains.

“Takes time”
The NS reported later on Sunday night that the cause of the problem had been resolved, but that the consequences were still so big that only international trains could run.

On the routes of regional carriers, the trains also ran without problems throughout the day. This applied, among other things, to the Maaslijn (the connection between Nijmegen and Roermond through the Land van Cuijk).” In order to be able to run reliably, the systems must be updated and the trains must be brought to the right place. This will take time,” the NS said.

“No buses”

During the cancellation of trains, buses were not in deployed as alternative transport. “That is not doable,” said an NS spokesperson. This is because the disruption had consequences for the entire country and it involved such large numbers.

Tjalling Smit, a member of the Executive Board of the NS, apologized to passengers on Sunday evening. “We are going to investigate why this situation occurred and how we can prevent this in the future,” he said.

source: Omroep Brabant

translated by : Vesna

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