Workshops on Artificial Intelligence in Eindhoven library

Workshops AI in Eindhoven library
Photo credit: Studio040

Everyone has to deal with Artificial Intelligence, but not everyone is aware of it. That’s why the library in Eindhoven is organising the AI Parade. During the whole month of May you can learn all about this smart technology and how it affects our daily lives. Monday was the first workshop.

“We are training our computer”, one of the participants said. The participants are working on machine learning, which allows the computer to learn things on its own. With pieces of fruit, they are training the computer. “We took hundreds of pictures of an apple. This allows the computer to recognise the apple”, another participant says.

In everyday life, everyone deals with AI (artificial intelligence, ed.), but for many people it is still unknown. That’s why the AI Parade is coming to the library in Eindhoven. With various workshops and lectures they will discuss Artificial Intelligence.

“Besides machine learning, the participants were also given an explanation of what AI is”, workshop instructor Randi Nuij says. The participants found the workshop instructive. “A computer has to know a lot before it can really do anything”, one participant said. “It doesn’t always get it right either. The computer thinks I am a background and it also sometimes thinks an apple is an orange”, another participant adds.

Fresh algorithm generator
A mini-expo will also be on display during the AI Parade. Until 16 May, the Fresh Algorithms generator is on display in the library. Based on five questions, the machine creates a recipe for a meal of your liking. And that can be anything from world cuisine to something easy to Dutch food.

The AI Parade in the Eindhoven library lasts until 31 May.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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