Local bus urgently looking for drivers

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Bus line 260 is an important connection between Best and the Anna Hospital in Geldrop. The bus line is serviced by about sixty volunteers, but the group is ageing  As a result, the local bus has to urgently look for new drivers, but they are difficult to find.

Gerrie is the only one in the van from the Anna Hospital to Nuenen and is very dependent on bus line 260. “Unfortunately, I have to be in the hospital regularly and am not allowed to drive back myself. The local bus is ideal for me.” It is therefore very important to him personally that the bus line remains. “It is good for the system that the local bus continues to exist, because I think that all those small villages cannot be reached by a large bus.”


The bus line is also indispensable for Maurits (17). “This morning a transfer in Eindhoven was not possible and without the local bus I would have to leave an hour later. That is not necessary now.” He also finds the drivers very helpful. “It recently rained very hard and I was dropped off a few streets away, these bus drivers get my full respect.”

With the sounds of classical music in the background and the view of the Brabant landscape on the route, bus driver Dirk Sinnema enjoys every ride. He finds the social aspect particularly important. “I have to say that most people who get in disappear into their phones, but there are also people who talk to me. These are sometimes very nice conversations.”


The fact that the group is ageing is due to drivers no longer being allowed to drive from the age of 77. “There are also people who notice that they can no longer cope physically and therefore drop out.” According to chairman Michael Coeberg, new volunteers are less likely to find the association due to the increased retirement age. “People often continue with paid work if they are still fit.”


The bus normally does not run on weekends, but that is now going to change. With the initiative called the PlusBus, local bus 260 will regularly organise a day out for underprivileged people. “Those people are so grateful, that is really fantastic,” says Dirk. The initiative is paid for with a subsidy. “People older than 77 are allowed to drive the bus during this ride, so they remain involved in the association,” says Dirk.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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