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ASML in Veldhoven
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ASML will in all likelihood remain in the Netherlands. The high-tech giant wants to expand in the northwest of Eindhoven and accommodate 20,000 another employees in the future.

 ‘Project Beethoven’ seems to have succeeded. The national government initiated the  project at the beginning of this year to ensure that ASML remains in the Netherlands. As the Veldhoven tech giant was dissatisfied under the current circumstances. In total, The Hague, the province, regional municipalities and regional business are now putting 2.5 billion euros into a better business climate in the region.

ASML expects to expand into the so-called BIC Noord, part of the Brainport Industries Campus. There would be room for 20,000 jobs. The municipality of Eindhoven previously bought the land, so Eindhoven owns eighty percent of the earmarked land.

BIC North

When Eindhoven bought the land, it was already announced that the construction of BIC 2 would start in 2025 or 2026. While the development of BIC 3, 4, 5 and 6 was also carefully looked at. That development must now take place more quickly.

Alderman for Economics and Brainport, Stijn Steenbakkers, says he is happy with the plans. “ASML and the semicon chain make up the Champions League of our future economy and prosperity, with jobs at all levels and across the entire economic chain. The company’s profile fits seamlessly into the campus DNA. BIC is the epicentre of production and innovation in our high-tech manufacturing industry, where entrepreneurship, joint innovation, education and cooperation come together under one roof in a green landscape environment.”

According to Steenbakkers, the possible expansion of ASML into BIC is built on the future earning capacity of the region and the Netherlands.

“And with that to a bright future for our children and grandchildren.”

Close by

For ASML, the most important thing is that the expansion is close to the current headquarters in Veldhoven, says CFO Roger Dassen. “ASML has a long-term location strategy, to enable expansion and support the growth of our customers.”

“As we have said before, ASML prefers to keep core activities in the Netherlands as close as possible to the existing locations in Veldhoven. As this will promote collaboration between the teams and different components, which is necessary to stimulate innovation. BIC is an interesting option for us, which we are now exploring together with the municipality of Eindhoven,” rationalises the financial director.


 In June, the Eindhoven city council has to consider the plans. In addition, the House of Representatives and Houses of Representatives also have to consider the Beethoven- investment, which will also happen in June. So the plan could take a while to kick off.

Now about 20,000 employees already work on the ASML- campus in Veldhoven.


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