Ronald McDonald (Open) House Veldhoven

The care hare is the mascot of the RMDH

Perhaps not everyone knows what the Ronald McDonald houses offer. Their slogan is “Keeping families close”. This means that parents can stay close to the hospital where their very sick children are. The sick child’s siblings can also stay over so the family can be together. On Wednesday February 28, the Veldhoven RMDH has an ‘Open House’. Visitors are welcome to see the facilities and sample the coffee.

Ronald McDonald Houses provide affordable bedsit rooms, a communal kitchen and laundry facilities. They are always close to hospitals with specialised care. Situations may vary: premature births, operations, cancer treatment, children in intensive care. RMDH Veldhoven is one of the eleven houses in The Netherlands where parents can stay at a stone’s throw from their child. Maxima Medical Centre in Veldhoven is one of ten hospitals with an NICU – a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Bambi belt

A premature baby wearing the ‘Bambi Belt’. Picture Courtesy: MMC

Recently, the hospital introduced a novelty, the ‘bambi belt’. It is a wireless band around the baby’s abdomen, which replaces the traditional spot electrodes that measure heart action and breathing. Currently, electrodes are attached to the delicate skin of a premature baby. This causes skin irritation, can be painful and disrupts the baby’s sleep.  The Bambi Belt also make it easier for parents to remove their child from the incubator to cuddle.

Royal visit

Whether this innovation is the reason King Willem Alexander is paying the Maxima MC a visit is unclear. It is certain, however, that a royal visit has been planned for Wednesday 28th. The King will be given a tour round the hospital and speak with doctors, staff, and parents of premature babies.


McDonalds founded the charity through which the RMD houses can operate. Worldwide, there are now over 380, eleven of which are situated in The Netherlands. However. McDonalds are not the only sponsors. Many companies and individuals support the RMDH with money, goods, or labour. Because the RMD houses depend entirely on charity, such help is the only way in which they can continue to offer their service to families.

Keeping families close


Visitors are welcome in Huis Zuidoost-Brabant on Wednesday 28 February from 10.30-16.00 The address: De Run 4604 in Veldhoven.

Source: RMDH Website not (yet) in English

Written by: Greta




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