Sint-Joris College and Helder HAVO/VWO build one new school

Sint Jorris College will soon join with Helder Havo/VWO. Image courtesy :Studio040

Sint-Joris College and Helder HAVO/VWO are building one new school together. The two secondary schools, of which Helder has a special focus on pupils with a form of autism, AD(H)D or similar support needs, will be housed together in one building in two years’ time.

It involves a ‘semi-detached school building’ on the site of St Joris College. Until then, both schools will first move to a temporary location on Von Flotowlaan. Currently, this building is used by the Van Maerlantlyceum. The new school building for that school should be ready next spring.

“We will be in the building on Von Flotowlaan for at least two school years,” says Raymon van den Berg, cluster headmaster of both schools. “But I cannot see into a crystal ball whether anything is going to happen in terms of construction delays.”


Both schools have their own entrance, schoolyard, auditorium and bicycle parking. “The students will use the same gymnasium and rooms for subjects like physics and chemistry,” Van den Berg said. “On Von Flotowlaan, this is also organised in the same way. Students from Helder also currently already come to the Sint-Joris building for engineering classes and gymnastics, for example. So not much will change in that area. They also meet each other now and that goes well.”

Pupil Chiel is not worried about contact with pupils from St George’s College: “I don’t expect a lot of it, but I don’t have any problems with it. I already know a few people at St Joris, so I might run into them.”


From next school year, upper secondary students at Helder can choose to follow a profile with two subjects in a cluster group with Joris students. According to Van den Berg, this brings many opportunities: “Mathematics D is normally too small a subject to offer for pupils at Sint-Joris. Now it’s an option. Collaborations will only become easier as a result, while we can also ensure the safety of the target group of Helder pupils.”

Chiel is excited about a cluster group with pupils from St Joris: “I think it would be fun to join a class with pupils from the Joris, maybe I could make new friends.” As he is in the bridge class, however, this seems to be a while away.

Source :Studio040

For Eindhoven news:Shanthi Ramani

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