Organisation Sinterklaashuis Eindhoven needs volunteers

Sinterklaashuis Photo credit: Studio040/Dirkje Blikman

For the fifth year in a row, children and their parents are welcome to visit the Sinterklaashuis in Eindhoven. From the end of next week, they can not only meet Saint Nicholas and his Pieten here, but also take part in all kinds of fun activities. At least, if the organising foundation manages to find enough volunteers.

Because this is a big problem, says Olof van Gelder, chairman of Stichting Sinterklaashuis Eindhoven. “It will be the last time in the Steentjeskerk anyway, but we are already working on another location. So it would be very sad if we are forced to stop because we have too few volunteers.”

Helping hands

Helping hands are sought in many areas: in catering, in the volunteer room, but also several helpers and even an assistant Saint Nicholas are needed. Van Gelder: “Otherwise the whole party simply cannot take place and we have to disappoint thousands of children. During the week, we manage to get help from Summacollege. But especially on weekends, when most visitors come in, we have a problem.”

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Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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