Half parking lot in Genneper Parks for Nature

Half parking lot in Genneper park for greenery
Photo Credit? Studio040

Half of parking lot P4 in Genneper Parken is going to disappear. The parking area was 7000 square meters, but only 3500 square meters of that will remain. The other half will be given back to Nature.

The demolition work started this week. The goal of the Eindhoven municipality is to mainly give space to Nature in the Genneper Parks, such as streams and plants and animals that live there.

Part of that plan is that half of parking lot P4 will make way for a flowery grassland. Trees will also be planted. The wait is to know about the final situation of a water pipe from Brabant Water. As soon as more is known about that, it will be done.

“The greening of this parking lot has waited for long, but I’m glad it’s actually being realized now. And it is the beginning of more such things. The parking lot P1 near the swimming pool De Tongelreep will be next. This way we make the city even greener,” said Alderman Rik Thijs.


The parking lot will also be taken care of. The asphalt will remain, but new lines will be added to the parking areas. There will also be two planting beds with bushes.

Because of this work, P4 is largely closed to traffic. During working hours, at least fifty parking spaces will be available for nearby Oranje Rood. On weekends and in the evening, the majority of the parking spaces as possible will be cleared.

Work is expected to be completed by Dec. 22. In the event of inclement weather, the deadline may be pushed back to spring.

Source: Studio 040

Translated by Chaitali Sengupta

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