Eindhoven gets extra money to build 880 homes sooner

Eindhoven krijgt extra geld om 880 woningen eerder te bouwen
MVSA Architects

The spade goes into the ground earlier for 880 houses at Eindhoven Central Station, in Woensel-Zuid, and at the Philips Stadium. Building can be speeded up in these locations , because the city gets extra funding from The Hague.

The municipality says Eindhoven has been allocated an amount of almost nine million euros. The money comes from the Startimpuls, a government fund intended to prevent delays in housing projects. The need for housing is enormous. At the same time, developers often start later because of such factors as increased interest rates and higher construction costs.

Construction projects

The money will go to four mostly affordable housing projects, so that construction can start next year or the year after. Lightyards is one example of a project that will get money from the fund, which means over 240 homes near the train station. In the same area, Edge can be started on time, good for 175 homes. A budget has also been set aside for the Gilde neighborhood, which will allow the spade to go into the ground for over 210 homes. TAC Living will also receive an investment: 225 homes, mostly social housing, near the PSV stadium.

The Lightyards project. Picture source: LIghtyards.nl


Alderperson for Housing Mieke Verhees is pleased with the extra subsidy from The Hague. “For many homeseekers, this brings a home closer. The demand for housing is great but the circumstances are not favourable. There are many more projects in the pipeline that could use a boost.”

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Ayşenur Kuran

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