Take home a piece of the World Tree

Photo Credit: Studio040

The World Tree in Tongelre is back in the news. This time not because of a devastating fire, but as part of the Dutch Design Week. The central idea is the rescue of the more than 263-year-old tree. Visitors can also participate. “Everyone gets to pick a branch or a trunk,” the authorities said.

Indeed, during DDW, the monumental branches are pruned and the crown is connected to the lower part of the tree with the bypass. This enables nutrients to continue to circulate in the tree.

Selecting a trunk or branch

This summer, the tree already received a “bypass” in which the upper branches were artificially connected to the roots. Now visitors can actively participate in the project with the tree. And in a very special way!

“It means that people who stop by this week can pick out a trunk or branch. With the question, ‘What do you see in it and what would you like to make of it.’ And the idea is that six months from now, we’ll see what they’ve actually made out of it,” said Alfred van Kempen, director of Wasven.

Anyone can bring a sawn-off branch of the World Tree to use in their own work. The results will be compiled and presented later.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Chaitali Sengupta

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