Super sustainable houses coming up

Photo Credit: Studio040

Two hundred and fifty exceptionally sustainable homes will be built in the ‘t Ven district. The houses on Moddermanstraat are assembled within one day. The first people can move into their new homes at the beginning of 2024.

‘Tesla’ of Housing

Equipped with solar panels, heat pumps, temperature regulation and made of wood, it could hardly be more sustainable. “We are delighted that we have realised this project here. In addition, the area is also very green and can therefore withstand hot summers as well as a lot of rain. People will soon be able to enjoy that. Especially in the front gardens where people can come together.”

“I also hope that we can create more of these streets in the future because they will become beautiful. I think this is an example for every street in Eindhoven,” explains Climate and Energy Councilor Rik Thijs.


The majority of the house consists of wood. Obviously, this is different from the stone and concrete houses that most people are currently used to. “To be sustainable, you want to work with natural products. So we opted for wood. We have forgotten it in construction in recent years,” explains Heijmans manager Patrick Honselaar.

“There is often doubt whether it is safe to build with wood. Many buildings built hundreds of years ago often also have wooden parts. Think of cathedrals that you encounter during a holiday. Wood is particularly important because it can store CO2. It is very important how we will build our homes and buildings in the future and with which materials,” adds Thijs On.


According to Honselaar, the residents whose homes are being renovated have had a say in the new construction. They could pass on their wishes, and then Honselaar and his colleagues from Heijmans went to see what input they could use. However, a large majority of the 130 households have not chosen to return. “I think we have heard from more than twenty people that they are returning. The rest will remain in the houses where they are now”.

There is a surprise for those who return. Such a sustainable house cannot be compared in price to the one that stood there. “The rent for these social housing units will indeed also increase. We could not prevent that. The people who were first received here can request a rental adjustment period. The rent will then slowly increase from the old rent to the new one”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha



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