Woensel-West gets its own beach volleyball court

Woensel-West gets its own beach volleyball court

In Woensel-West, a beach volleyball court will be built in front of the former Philips head office. The field will be laid this week despite the rainy weather forecast. It is the intention that local residents and the students who will be living in the monumental VB building in September will work out together.

The timing may not be optimal now to build a beach volleyball field, but that should not spoil the fun. “It is a special sand that must of course remain for a while, and in a large amount. It does not just rain or blow away”, explains sports director of the municipality Danny Nooijen.

The field is under construction and with the 450 students who will be there in September, the neighbourhood is eager to get everything ready. “On Monday we started preparing the site for two fields. We intend to involve the students in the neighbourhood. And then sport is of course a fun way.”


The aim is not only to involve the students in the neighbourhood, but also to encourage the local residents to exercise more outdoors. And it’s not just beach volleyball. “There will also be a sports container with Crossfit materials. They can then alternate this with beach volleyball or do it during the break. You can see it as a kind of boot camp.”

According to Nooijen, the beach volleyball fields will not remain permanently. “The land belongs to the contractor, of course, and if they need the piece for a different use, then,unfortunately, it  has to go. In addition, students only stay here for a few years, so we are not planning for the long term.”

The idea is that a game of beach volleyball can also be played in the winter.

Source: Studio040
Translated: Yawar Abbas

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