Entrepreneur intimidates migrant workers in front of inspectors


During an inspection of the housing and workplaces of migrant workers in Southeast Brabant, 59 locations were checked. At one of those locations, a business owner intimidated employees in an attempt to cover up violations.

In the Eindhoven region, 59 locations were inspected by Taskforce Riec, a collaboration between the provinces of North Brabant and Zeeland. The agency also spoke to 240 migrant workers.

An incident occurred that raised eyebrows. The owner of a company put employees under pressure by telephone. The staff had to indicate that only four people were staying at their place of residence. That while dozens of sleeping places were in use. In addition, the staff did not have a contract and did not receive pay slips.

‘Something clearly wrong’

The Inspectorate subsequently received no cooperation to enter, but could still do so with an authorisation. “Mattresses on the floor or, as in this case, intimidation, no employment contracts and no pay slips, are a clear sign that something is wrong,” says Taskforce Riec.


In addition to multiple signs of labour exploitation, other violations were also apparent. For example, there were deviations from the planning permission as well as fire-hazardous situations.  Uninsured vehicles were found with outstanding fines. Finally, some people without valid residence permits were arrested.

Source: Studio040

Translated by : Ayşenur Kuran

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