Alternative to express bike path never an option

HTC - ASML bike path route adaptation
Photo credit: Gemeente Eindhoven/Studio040

The Advies Regiegroep (advisory direction group) of the Municipality of Eindhoven, which looked into the route of the express bike path between the High Tech Campus and ASML industrial site De Run, reported back in 2019 that an alternative route was not an option. Recently, local residents tried to stop the  construction of the track, including with a petition.

This is evident from WOO (Wet Open Overheid, open government act) documents from the backing parties of 50Plus and LPF (list Pim Fortuyn). The parties are asking council questions in response to those documents.

The arrival of the express bike path that is to connect the two main business parks in the Brainport Region has been a hot topic for some time. In 2020, local residents expressed their dissatisfaction with the options on the table.

Nature and safety

This year there were also protests against the creation of the bike path. A petition was started and the LPF party also asked council questions. The bike path would be at the expense of nature, and there would also be problems with the safety of future users.


Now it appears that in 2019 it was already determined by the Advies Regiegroep, that adaptation of the route is not negotiable due to the lead time of the project. This threatened a budget overrun due to the flared discussion, according to the WOO document.

50Plus and LPF parties therefore want to know who ultimately decided which route it should be. The groups also question whether the public participation process of the last few years has been of any use at all – the groups say the latter question must be answered with a “no”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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