Number of charging stations almost doubled

Electric car charging station
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By the end of 2023, around 700 charging stations for electric cars are expected to be added in Eindhoven. This is the Municipal Executive’s response to questions from the Elderly Appèl Hart for Eindhoven.

The number of electric cars in the city is increasing. Because the cabinet has indicated that it will allocate 600 million euros to make it possible for more people to purchase a second-hand electric car, Elderly Appèl wanted to know about the construction of charging stations in the city.

Due to current regulations, it is not possible for electric car owners to have a private charging station installed in public space. The faction wants a solution for this from the municipality of Eindhoven.


In answers to the council’s questions, the city council acknowledges that more charging points are needed. This year, the number of public charging points will grow from 800 to 1500. In 2030, a total of 5500 charging points should be needed, according to the council.


Giving more people the opportunity to have a private charging station installed in public space, close to their home, is not an option, however. The benefits for the individual do not outweigh the negative effects for the collective.

The safety, quality and accessibility of the public space must be guaranteed. Other large cities would make the same assessment according to the city council, according to the college.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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