Fewer fast food outlets and tobacconists

McDonald's city centre
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No more new fast food outlets and tobacconists in the Eindhoven city centre. Alderperson Monique Esselbrugge approves of this and is investigating whether the city can draw up rules for it.

The Party for the Animals previously argued for a ban on new fast food restaurants in the city centre. This would provide more room for the local economy and be healthier for the inhabitants.


The city council likes the idea. Together with ten other municipalities, Eindhoven will now investigate whether this is possible and how this should be arranged. Esselbrugge: “We want to prevent the monotony of the catering and shopping offer in the centre. Quality and diversity must be stimulated. That includes fast food.” But they look beyond just eateries. “We could also ban new tobacconists.”

Piet van Kuyk has a tobacco shop on the Kleine Berg. He is curious about the possible new rules. “But I won’t have to close my doors. I expect more customers because of a bit of exclusivity.”

It is not yet clear when the investigation will be completed.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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