Almost 35,000 euros raised for volunteer Gert

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“Gert Regterschot deserves financial recognition for what he has done for distraught students,” writes donor Naomi. Many agree with her, as can be seen from the generous donations for the teacher, who taught unpaid for years at Eindhoven University of Technology. A fundraising campaign has so far raised almost 35,000 euros.

This month, NRC published Gert’s story, after which thousands of euros were collected within a short time. In the article, you can read that the enthusiastic teacher, despite the alleged dismissal by TU/e ​​in 1995, continued to teach without being paid for it. According to him, it is incorrect that Gert Regterschot was indeed fired after a lawsuit and appeal. “I never received a letter of termination,” he says.


Gert is involved, which is evident as he continues despite TU/e ​​restrictions. In 2022, he was denied access to the classrooms by TU/e. This happened after, according to TU/e, a nuisance and unsafe situation arose. He can just keep coming to the campus “because,” says TU/e, “we have an open campus, and that is an important principle for us.” And so Gert started teaching in a student flat on campus. And that was not paid for by the TU/e ​​nor by the students. “Without me, many would have stopped”, says Gert Recterschot.


When asked how it could have come to this, he shrugs his shoulders in a conversation with Studio040. He says he mainly does it for his students. Gert is convinced that “without me, many would have dropped out of their studies.” He couldn’t let go of teaching, hoping his position within TU/e ​​would be restored.

In Gert’s piece ‘My story, a true history’, which he shares with the press, he writes that he has always been involved in developing ‘good and appropriate education’: “Good quality education must be efficient and effective. It is essential that students also need explanations in courses and that lectures alone are not enough. Moreover, students can read for themselves.”

It is not only in this area that TU/e ​​falls short, according to him. He is convinced that board members at the time did everything they could to limit his functioning, eventually leading to his dismissal. TU/e responds to this because there was a lawsuit at the time in which Gert Regterschot contested his resignation, but TU/e ​​was ruled in the right.


TU/e indicates that it wishes Gert Regterschot the best. “We sincerely hope that he will be able to use his talents and passion in a way that also puts him in a better position financially.” Gert has his doubts about the sincerity of that message. He says he mainly wants to be recognised in the form of a salary that he has not had in 27 years.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn

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