Unions set ultimatum for Philips

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Trade unions CNV and FNV have given Philips an ultimatum. The healthcare technology company must agree to a new offer before 12 noon on May 5, otherwise there will be actions, the unions report.

Philips let a final offer expire two weeks ago, after which the unions entered into a conclave with their members. 75 Percent of members had to agree to the ultimatum and any actions if that ultimatum expires.

The members of the CNV trade union voted unanimously in favor of the two-stage rocket, director Arjan Huizinga said. “We held meetings in Eindhoven, Best and Drachten, everyone was in favor of this set-up.”

Chip in

“Philips adheres to the view that employees should co-finance the current malaise,” says Huizinga. “We are not working on that. At a minimum, we want compensation for inflation for the employees.”

“A major reorganization is already underway that will cost more than 1,900 jobs in the Netherlands alone. To then also let those left behind bleed through their terms of employment is disproportionate,” says the trade unionist.

‘Layoff round unnecessary’

In addition, the FNV trade union thinks the mass redundancies at Philips are a development that could also be tackled differently. According to the FNV, fewer people would have to be put on the street by expanding schemes that allow staff to retire earlier. In this way, older employees can retire earlier for a fee, so that other employees do not have to be fired. According to the FNV, Philips is not interested in such a scheme.

Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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