Treasure hunt during children’s holiday week with Mister Rick

Photo credit: Studio040

Find treasures with a magnet or metal detector. There is plenty to do during Meneer (mister) Rick’s children’s holiday week on the sports fields of the High Tech Campus.

“I really enjoy doing things with children that they have never done before,” says Rick de Wit, founder of Meneer Rick. Today the children go on a treasure hunt, paint mugs and go supping. “It’s nice, because I sit at home all day doing nothing,” says one of the children.


Special finds are made during magnet fishing. “I found a coin from 1962. I think it’s from England,” says a boy. All the children have to do is toss a rope with a magnet attached into the water. “All metal sticks to the magnet and you can fish for things,” says another boy. “I have already found 5 cents, a stone and a metal bar.” The metal detectors are also used to search for treasures. “We found something really big. We think it’s a barbecue grill,” says one of the treasure hunters.


For the first time, the children can also sleep in a tent. “It’s nice, but cold,” says one of the children. “There is also a lot of noise. Especially from the boys. They keep throwing cookies against our tent, so we sleep in another tent,” adds another girl. The children can choose what time they go to sleep. “We didn’t sleep until 12:30 last night, but we’re not tired yet.”

The children’s holiday week lasts until Thursday.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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