Brabant hesitant about Eindhoven Aachen railway

Train connection Eindhoven -Dusseldorf
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The construction of a rail connection between Eindhoven and Aachen is one step closer after a report from the State Secretary for Infrastructure. After a period of time, the connection should be possible. The Province of Noord Brabant, however,  have announced that they do not wish to invest in the rail connection.

This is due to the amount of money necessary to invest in the train connection. A train connection between Eindhoven and Aachen, the German university city, is only feasible if the trains run early and late evening, announced State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management, Vivianne Heijnen.

There are risks with the connection, however,  as well as legal challenges. To avoid these challenges, a decentralisation of the connection is possible, commented State Secretary, Heijnen. How this decentralisation would work is not yet clear.


The province of Limburg has indicated that they are willing to contribute to costs from the rail connection between Eindhoven and Aachen, requesting extra stops in Heerlen and Maastricht. However, the North Brabant province is not prepared to do this.


The province of North Brabant added that it has reservations as to the feasibility of a fully fledged intercity connection between the cities. The State of Secretary concluded that the feasibility of the rail connection will become clearer by this summer.

Translated by: Aysenur

edited by: Greta

Source: Studio040

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