ASML wants mega parking space at Best

Photo credit: Studio040/ASML

A large parking lot, with about 2500 parking spaces next to the highway near Best is planned for ASML employees. If it is up to the chip machine manufacturer, there will be a so-called parking hub. But a group of residents have now started a petition against its construction. 

One of the ways in which ASML wants to absorb the expected growth in the coming years is the construction of a large parking space in the region around Eindhoven. This could help prevent extra congestion on the highways around the city.

In 2021, the same type of hub was built in Eersel. Last October, a similar plan was presented to the city council of Best. Shortly after ASML’s proposal, the city council passed a motion in which it ordered the company to start a feasibility study. But a number of residents from Best do not want to wait for the results.

1100 signatures

Last weekend a petition was started against the building of the hub. This has already been signed more than 1100 times. David van Dun, one of the petition’s initiators, explained why he is against the plan. “Building these kinds of parking spaces is a good idea, just not in this place. Here it is still forest area. We don’t want it to become completely urbanised”.

The size of the parking lot also plays a role. “It is due to have around 2500 places. We looked around here for some comparison and found the Makro site, where approximately 800 cars can park. The planned ASML hub would be about three times the size”.


According to Van Dun and his supporters, alternative options are available that are more suitable. These include next to Dippie Doe where there is a large ground that is only used a few times per year.

Van Dun hopes to send a signal to the city council with the petition.  “The council has so far remained quiet as to what it thinks about this plan. We hope that it is clear that a lot of people would not be very happy with their intentions”.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Seetha

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