Little sugar, great taste in keto pastries

Eindhoven confectionary making pastries without sugar
Photo Credit: Studio040

Pastries with almost no sugar. Viola’s Patisserie from Eindhoven makes them. The store claims to be the first and only patisserie in the Netherlands to make and sell the so-called “keto pastries. It turns out to be a tough job.

“Tasty,” says a man who has just tasted a pastry. “You do taste that it is less sweet, but there is still a very strong taste to it.” The idea for the keto pastries came when Viola herself started a keto diet. “That’s easy to stick to at first, but at some point, you do get a craving for something sweet. That’s when I started experimenting. First for myself, but eventually I wanted to make it available to everyone,” says Viola Cennini, owner of Viola’s Patisserie.


The pastries are available almost nowhere. It is difficult to make them as they are low in sugar and carbohydrates. “Ingredients like flour and sugar are normally in every recipe, but you can’t use those in keto pastries. So you have to experiment and find substitutes. A lot of time goes into it. Because nobody does it, you can’t consult with each other either. That makes it difficult.”


Viola has always had a passion for confectionaries. From a young age, she stood in the kitchen baking cookies with her mother. “After the birth of my first daughter, I thought ‘This is what I want to do forever,'” says Viola. So the pastries are made with dedication. Do they taste good, too? “Yes, delicious,” says a woman who has just tasted a pastry. “You can taste that there is less sugar in them, but I actually like that.”

Source: Studio040

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