Trade unions in conflict with Philips

Philips High Tech Campus
Philips at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (credit: Raoul Cartens)

The trade unions FNV, CNV, De Unie and VHP2 cannot agree with Philips’ final offer for a new collective labour agreement (CLA). The unions think the wage increase offered is far too low. 

If it is up to Philips, wages will be increased by four percent from August 2023 and by three percent a year later. “That is far too low in view of inflation,” says trade unionist Colette van Wezel of VHP2. “We want these price increases to be compensated. That means that you really have to think about a wage increase towards 10 percent.

Heavy Weather
“We understand that Philips does not aim high. The company is in dire straits. But it should not be the case that employees have to pay for the mistakes made at the top of the company – on the contrary. Many employees are now in enormous uncertainty about their future. We want to ensure that the people who stay with the company have good working conditions”.

Van Wezel does not exclude that the problems will be used by the company to carry out an extra large reorganisation. “These are very rigorous measures that Philips is now taking,” says the union woman. “But we have insufficient information to assess whether those measures are justified. Another wave of layoffs is coming. In 2024, another 3,000 jobs will disappear at the company worldwide. In addition, we cannot rule out divisions being divested in the future”.

“Recently, I spoke to someone who had an offer from another company. Fortunately, there is plenty of employment in technology”, says van Wezel.

He further adds that people continuing now would hope for potential opportunities from the reorganisation. In this way, a decent CLA is the least Philips could offer.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha


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