Municipality provides energy subsidy earlier to the needy residents

It is best to keep track of your energy costs. Pic credit: Pixabay

The municipality of Eindhoven will pay out 500 euros of energy subsidy around April to households that also received the national energy surcharge last year. The city is aware that due to inflation and increased energy prices, many people are struggling financially.

Early subsidy payment

The cabinet reportedly has plans to also pay an energy subsidy in 2023 to those households that need it. However, Eindhoven does not want to wait for that – in fact, the 2023 surcharge will not be legislated until summer.


Therefore, Eindhoven is increasing last year’s energy subsidy by 500 euros per household. Should there be enough money, this supplement should also become more widely available.

Whereas previously, households up to 120 percent of the social minimum could claim the supplement, now households whose income is up to 130 percent of the social minimum must do so.

Preventing money worries

“By providing part of the national energy supplement to low-income people before the summer, we are trying to prevent money worries in the short term,” said Saskia Lammers, Alderman for Welfare, Work and Poverty.

“For people who find themselves in trouble, we want to provide customised assistance quickly. Because we don’t know what the future holds, it is important to also look at structural solutions such as making homes more sustainable and good income from work.”


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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