Eindhoven goes in search of historical city gate

In search of historical gates, Pic credit: Studio040

Eindhoven City Council is going to conduct preliminary research into a centuries-old city gate, which may lie under the intersection of the Demer and the Vrijstraat.

Old maps show that under the intersection, there may be remains of Spanish fortifications from the Eighty Years’ War. The first map indicating this dates from 1583. In addition, remains of an old city gate were previously found near the Stratumseind.

Exactly where the gate was located and what it looked like is not known. To get more information about that, researchers are going to take measurements with ground radar and electromagnetic equipment.

Historical map of city gates Pic credit: Gemeente Eindhoven

No inconvenience

The municipality says the street does not have to be opened up for the investigation so the work will hardly cause any inconvenience. However, street fixtures may have to be temporarily moved or the bicycle stands need to be removed.

Source: Studio040.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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