Lightyear raises €8,000,000 in one day and makes restart

Lightyear makes restrart
Photo credit: Studio040/Lightyear

Solar car maker Lightyear has been saved from ruin for now. The company whose largest business unit was previously declared bankrupt is making a relaunch.

How much money in total has been raised from investors is not clear. But Lightyear says it is a large enough amount to “form a solid foundation”, for the new company.

‘Great news’
Lex Hoefsloot, CEO of Lightyear, lets it be known that he logically is very happy with the relaunch. “This is great news. Everyone involved has worked hard to make this mission happen. In doing so, we have taken the interests of all involved to heart”.

Invest-NL, speaking on behalf of investors who previously put money into Lightyear, also said it was pleased with the latest development. “We are glad that Lightyear can continue its mission. Invest-NL has invested heavily in the company because we believe in its technology. The company continues to face great challenges, but there are also great opportunities. We all want to make Lightyear a success”.

Lightyear 2
With the relaunch, Lightyear wants to continue working on Lightyear 2, which the company wants to bring to market at an affordable price. The amount now raised is not sufficient for that, but it provides sufficient basis to raise the capital still required.

Whether the company will actually get there remains to be seen. Earlier the company raised tens of millions, but failed to actually deliver the first production line, the Lightyear 0, to all its customers. Earlier, an expert told Omroep Brabant that at least hundreds of millions are needed before production can start at all.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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