Court not allowed to rule on smoking ban GGzE

Smoking ban GGzE
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Oost (east) Brabant District Court declared a complaint by several GGzE (joint health service) clients about the smoking ban on GGzE property inadmissible. The court is not allowed to rule on it.

According to the clients, the ban violates the institution’s house rules and must be reversed. The Oost Brabant District Court has now announced that it cannot make such a ruling.

House rules
“Under the law, the court may only judge whether the smoking ban conflicts with the house rules”, the court reports. In the GGzE’s house rules, however, there is nothing about smoking in the room or on the premises. Because the complaint is therefore not about the house rules, the court declared the request to rule on that inadmissible.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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