Students start own vegetable garden: ‘Green is a calming color’

Students' vegetable garden
Photo credit: Studio040

Eindhoven students from the association Audumla have started a vegetable garden. In this way they want to save money on food as well as improve the mental health of students.

Saving money
Gas prices are skyrocketing and inflation is high. The cost of living is also getting higher and higher for students. “You notice it as a student”, Tom Karstens, one of the initiators, says. “You have to start looking at whether you have to borrow extra money or go to your parents. Sometimes you start eating less to still save some money”. Every year, the student union tries to start a project that responds to a problem at the time. The high prices in the supermarkets are felt by everyone.

Mental health
Besides cheaper vegetables, it also appears to be good for students’ mental health. With the vegetable garden, students want to get their roommates out of books and into the fresh air. Sunlight, vitamins and being physically busy for a while is good against stress. “I notice it myself during exams”, Maties van Schuppen, one of the students, says. “It causes a lot of stress in everyone”. He enjoys working with his hands and already notices the positive impact after two weeks. “Sometimes I’m at the university all day and evening. Then I ask how the vegetables are doing and then seeing how well the radishes are doing, it makes me happy for a moment”. It makes one feel fulfilled.

Now the plants are still inside, but as soon as spring arrives, the lawn in the garden will be turned into a vegetable garden. Then it will look cozier, too. “Green is a calming color anyway”, Karstens says. The students also hope to encourage others to grow some food of their own.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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