Man drives with windshield full of snow

Picture taken from Studio040, as posted by the Community police officer Thom van Houtum/Instagram

Driving through the city with his windshield covered in snow, the man did not understand why the police stopped him! Though he exclaimed he could see the road, the police officer did not agree and left him with a hefty fine. 

Community police officer Thom van Houtum saw the driver driving on Sunday. His windshield was almost completely covered in snow. Only a small spot had been cleared of snow. “The man was convinced that his sight was sufficient”, the officer writes.

“Still, he felt it necessary to take a photo as ‘counter evidence’ after he had removed most of the ice”. The police did not agree. The driver will be fined 250 euros.

Source: Studio040 & Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Seetha

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