Lightyear forced to stop with first solar car

Photo Credit: First solar car Lightyear 0, Lightyear

Owing to extremely high production costs, the Helmond-based automaker has decided to pull the plug on ‘Lightyear 0’. Production of the exclusive Ligtyear 0 started two months ago at the Finnish car manufacturer, Valmet Automotive. It was widely announced and celebrated with much fanfare.

The company plied for a deferment of payment for Atlas Technologies BV, the subsidiary in which the production of the model is housed. That is what CEO Lex Hoefsloot says in the Financieele Dagblad . “It’s a painful decision”, he told the newspaper.

So far, only a handful of cars have rolled off the line, and now production turns ut to be too expensive. Originally, the car cost about 120,000 euros, but that increased to a quarter of a million. Among other things, the main reason for this price increase is its expensive parts.

‘Light year 2’

The company will put all its attention towards the model 2. For this, it also needs more financing and, is focusing on finalising a number of new investments. This should allow the company to come up to speed on the cheaper, ‘Lightyear 2’. Nevertheless, it is also unknown yet what will happen to any debt.

”Lightyear 2’ is expected to cost less than 40,000 euros and will be seen in the market as of 2025. 21,000 of these have already been ordered by leasing companies and car-sharing companies. More than 40,000 consumers have also signed up for a list to express their interest in that car.

CEO Hoefsloot maintains all confidence in the model 2. “With the 0 we have shown that you can produce a car that is partly powered by the sun. We have provided proof that it is possible and that is essential for the follow-up”. 


It is still unclear what the consequences are for the more than 600 employees. These employees fall under the subsidiary.

Source: OmroepBrabant

Translated by : Greta

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