Flemish professor becomes TU/e’s first female rector

Sylvia Lenaerts, picture credit TU/e/Marco Martens

Silvia Lenaerts has been appointed as the new rector magnificus of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Lenaerts comes from the University of Antwerp (UA), where she is the Vice Rector for Valorisation & Development as well as a professor.

Since 2007, Lenaerts (1966) has led the Sustainable Energy, Air and Water Technology Group that she founded in Antwerp. In her role as vice-rector of Valorization & Development, the Belgian professor has served as a catalyst and connector for Antwerp’s innovation ecosystem since 2016. Lenaerts holds a large number of executive positions in the academic world and beyond, including on the Governing Board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

‘Honour and Pleasure’

Lenaerts says she is happy with her new job. This makes her the head of education and research at the university. “I consider it an honour and a pleasure to be able to take on this responsibility at TU/e, a top university with a central role in one of the strongest high-tech ecosystems in Europe”, says Silvia Lenaerts.

“I believe in people and the connection between people. I believe in growing together through trust, openness and long-term cooperation, to build a smart and sustainable society together. I am really looking forward to working with everyone at TU/e”.

Top Scientist and Strong Leadership

“She has convincing connecting qualities and strong leadership skills. This is an excellent complement to the other two members of the board. We are convinced that, together, they form the ideal leadership team. This will majorly help the university shape and steer the major developments”, added Peter Wennink, Chairman of the supervisory board.

Growth Ambitions

Chairman of the Board Robert-Jan Smits also says that he is looking forward to the arrival of Lenaerts. “She has extensive managerial experience, both within and outside the academic world, and she has great decisiveness and drive. Those are qualities that come in handy to realise TU/e’s growth ambitions”.

Source: Studio040 and TU/e Translated by: Seetha, edited by Greta






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