Springplank creates 20 rooms for homeless on General Horrockstraat

homeless shelter
Photo credit: Studio040

Housing corporation Trudo and Springplank are going to build twenty rooms on Generaal Horrockstraat. The former homeless people will live independently in these rooms. They will receive ambulatory guidance.

Springplank has been using the premises as a shelter for some time; recently Ukrainian refugees were housed there. Due to the problems in the housing market, the organization together with housing corporation Trudo decided to create rooms in the buildings.” The residents have jobs or some other form of daytime activity. A permanent janitor is linked to the premises and three supervisors act as contact points for local residents,” Springplank reports.

Springplank also adds that as it becomes increasingly difficult for more and more people to find good housing, homeless shelters are becoming overcrowded. “This is a nice and important step towards additional housing for our target group. It is necessary to create more flow from the social shelters,” says Sprinkplank director Thijs Eradus.

‘More and more people’
“We are unfortunately seeing more and more people who need to rely on this form of shelter. We’re, therefore, very happy with the new location. With this renovation, I am convinced that it is going to be a beautiful place. We have also made clear agreements with Trudo about the target group that will be housed on the General Horrockstraat.”

Trudo is happy to be able to do something for the target group. “With our special housing, we offer more opportunities to a group that is not as promising in all areas as other residents of Eindhoven. We are thus making a strong case for an inclusive city,” Trudo said.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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