Scooters off the streets: Drop zones for shared vehicles

Dropzones scooters
Photo credit: Studio040

Next year, shared bicycles and shared scooters may only be parked in so-called ‘drop zones’. In this way, the municipality wants to limit disturbances caused from using these shared vehicles.

Last year the municipality already started a pilot in the city center. The pilot is now being rolled out throughout Eindhoven. There will be between thirty and forty drop zones in the city center.

Many shared vehicles are parked in annoying places, such as the sidewalk. This bothers many people. At the moment Eindhoven has about 900 shared bicycles and scooters and in a year’s time, more than 2,000 shared vehicles are expected. To prevent even more inconvenience, next year it will no longer be possible to park a scooter just anywhere.

Some of these hubs are indicated by a sign, but most drop zones are only indicated through the carriers’ apps. Outside the zones, users cannot drop off their borrowed vehicles.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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