Bad news for fireworks enthusiasts

Eindhoven New Years'Eve

Bad news for fireworks enthusiasts. The turn of the year is wet and it can be quite windy. It is exceptionally warm at 15 degrees, both on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. This is reported by Weerplaza. The old heat record from last year stands at 15.1 degrees on both days.

For this year, Weerplaza again predicts 15 degrees for those two days. “But it can might just as well be 16 degrees,” says weatherman Michiel Severin of Weerplaza. “We thought last year that this record would not be broken quickly, but it can happen now.”

Mild and Changeable

The last week of the year is mild and volatile. In addition to heavy showers, the wind can also blow strongly. We have to expect rain every day. Weatherman Severin has good news for fireworks enthusiasts. “The weather models are not quite sure yet, but it may be dry for an hour at midnight.”

Tuesday seems to be the driest day of the week. It is also the coldest day. The morning starts at about 2 to 4 degrees and the temperature rises to 8 degrees in the afternoon. The turn of the year seems to be a lot warmer with 15 degrees during the day, but it will rain a lot.

Relatively Warm

The outlook for the new year is drier, although the first two days of January look mixed. The temperature also fluctuates around 10 degrees in the new year.


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