Customers in tears: Karin’s Fish Shop closes

Karin's fish shop stops
Photo credit: Pleun Wolters/Studio040

Karins Viswinkel (Karin’s fish shop) was more than just a place to get an excellent herring sandwich or a high-quality fried cod. Local residents could tell their stories. Most customers are horrified that the store has to close.

Large sheets of pink paper are glued on the windows of the fish store on Roostenlaan, with a handwritten message to customers. “Not a nice notice. The fish store is closing after 22 years. With pain in our hearts we are going to leave you”. Due to a combination of higher energy prices and a lack of customers, owner Karin Haans is forced to throw in the towel. She can no longer cope financially.

The closure is bad news for fish lovers in the entire region: from Helmond to Valkenswaard they came for Karin’s quality fish. But the news hits local residents especially hard. “I’ve been coming here all my life”, a lady, who just ordered herrings, says. “It’s terrible that they are going to close. Where should we go? There is nothing else comparable in Eindhoven”.

The woman across the street who comes to eat eel or fried cod every week stares at the trays of sashimi in the window with tears in her eyes. For her, without exaggeration, the store was an outlet, a bright spot, a source of sociability in life. Endless chatting with the fishmongers…. so soon that will no longer be possible. “I feel SO bad, for them too. But yes, it’s no different”.

On Saturday 17 December, there will be a farewell drink for customers in the store. The building has already been sold to a new owner. But Karin and her loyal employee Christa don’t need to know what will come in. The closure is hard enough as it is.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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