De Dommel Water Board doubles budget for climate adaptation

Waterboards trying to prevent flooding and draught
Photo credit: Unsplash-Mika Baumeister

Waterschap (water board) De Dommel is setting aside €4,000,000 annually to support projects to ensure that rainwater is better retained.

That’s double the original budget. Over the next five years, the water board wants to ensure that fifteen per cent less rainwater is discharged through sewers.

“Rainwater is clean water. The water board wants to retain that water and let it sink into the ground where it falls. This is necessary because we are increasingly experiencing very dry periods interspersed with extreme rain showers. By retaining clean water we can combat drought, raise the groundwater level and prevent flooding”, it says.

Especially in built-up areas there is a need for measures, the water board says. Because of the many paved surfaces, water flows away too quickly. Finally, the water board reports that more than 100,000 cubic metres of water storage was built in recent years. 350,000 square metres of paved surface was disconnected from the sewer system, the water board reports.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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