Christmas presents for poor: ‘It’s nice when people think of you at this time’

Christmas packages
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Stichting Kerstpakketten (foundation christmas packages) Son en Breugel collects Christmas packages to distribute to people who are having a harder time in these times.

Every year products are collected from the protestant church in Son for at least 180 Christmas packages. Each package consists of standard products as well as some unique items. “Nowadays, so many people have to deal with the high prices”, Ingeborg Harks, chairman of the foundation, says. “It is extra important in these times that people know we are there for them”.

With high prices, it is not possible for everyone to celebrate that Christmas they would like to celebrate. “If you give them money, we see that it is often spent on other things anyway. With a Christmas package, it’s still something special for them”.

To make it something unique is a fun challenge for volunteer Christianne Drubbel. They only know the family composition, ages and gender. “Then you have to make a package for a 14-year-old girl, for example, what do you do for extras?”, Drubbel says. “And then someone just comes along with a package with a nice sports bag or scarf. That’s very fortuitous then”.

“It’s important that less fortunate people start getting a little bit spoiled too”, a man carrying several bags of food says. “We just went shopping and looked at what people would want. Rice, meatballs, wine or beer, for example”. Every year he is donating some groceries.

“It is very nice when you are thought of during this time, with so much attention”, Drubbel says. “I also hear that from the other side, that people really appreciate it”.

Donations can be made through 23 December.  You can check the times on the foundation’s website:

Are you helping this year again with the Christmas packages? (

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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