ICW celebrates creativity and innovation during Dutch Design Week

Photo Credit: ICW

Come October, and Eindhoven- the smartest corner of the world gets ready for Dutch Design week.

It is the nine-day long- the longest- design event in Northern Europe. It presents the work and concepts of over 2,600 designers to more than 350,000 visitors from the Netherlands and abroad. The concepts are varied- from technological innovation to wonderful designs, from projects on biodiversity to mobility, and from thoughts on an inclusive society to a safer society. The projects exhibit innovation and creativity in every imaginable aspect of design.

This year, two unique representations were offered by the International creative women. It is a group that connects, supports, and promotes women entrepreneurs.


The first one is titled HOME- The house of homeland simulation. Nine international women living in the Netherlands have shared snippets of their lives in other parts of the world. They highlighted how they created a home away from home. The memories they carried along when they moved away from their homeland took a more profound meaning in a new land. How those memories helped in creating a home in their adopted land is at the core of this wonderful project. “It is all about showing how meaning is made in a whitewashed, blank space of your new home,” said Yolima Grandas and Sally Ocana, the founders of International Creative Woman. “The nine international women have shared a part of their homes and their stories with our guests.” This exhibition is there at Location E16-Creative Town and has a free entrance.

Celebrating Saraswati

Events of ICW at Dutch design Week
Sophie and Derk Steendam, the artists Photo Credit: Sophie

The second exhibition is a special one that honors the Hindu goddess Saraswati- the goddess of learning, wisdom, music, art, and speech. SARASWATI-Celebrating Creativity is the first creative collaboration of the Artineers-Bulgarian artist Sophie Yotova aka Octophina and Dutch engineer Derk Steendam. She has drawn her biggest creative masterpiece and installed it together with a huge tree of life.  “Saraswati is the inspiration behind the design. As the goddess of wisdom, she is also the symbol of innovation for me. She reminds us to delve into our creative powers within in times of crisis, doubt, or fear. To overcome our feelings of inadequacy, and tap into our inherent gifts of expression- be it  artistic or technological.” This exhibition is there at Location F3-The Social Hub and also has a free entrance.

A report by Chaitali Sengupta

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