More trees planted at Stratumseind

Stratumseind Photo credit Studio040

Currently there are not many trees on the Eindhoven Stratumseind, but if it is up to the municipality, that will change. The work will start on Friday, with the planting of extra trees in the entertainment area.

The trees will then be placed on the redeveloped part of the Stratumseind and the Oude Stadsgracht. This part has already been partly refurbished, with new paving.

Mix of trees

Stratumseind and adjacent streets will be home to a mix of native trees, such as Elm, Alder and Birch. Tree grids are installed to allow the new trees to extend root and continue to grow.


Stratumseind should eventually acquire a friendlier and more livable ambience. That means new pavement, but also more greenery, new benches and sometimes other activities.

Translated: Yawar Abbas

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