Entrepreneur Albert is annoyed by ASML and so are neighbours

neighbours annoyed by ASMLASML expands
Photo credit: Dirkje Blikman/Studio040

ASML in Veldhoven continues to expand. This is at the expense of small businesses and homes nearby. Local residents are also unhappy with the view of the tall buildings.

For landscaping company Gebroeders (brothers) Kapteijns, the expansion means the end of 50 years of existence. The company on Heiberg is now surrounded by the construction site of ASML.

For owner Albert Kapteijns, this means leaving the place where he grew up. “It obviously causes a lot of emotions and it’s unfortunate, but I’ve been able to process this for 2.5 years and I’ve been able to accept it. I’ll find something new”.

Earlier, Gebroeders Kapteijns sold half of the land to the chip machine manufacturer. “The landscaping company belonged to my father and uncle. I took it over from my father and my uncle sold his part to ASML at his age of 80 at that time. Other than that, we resold our company and staff. Everything left here will be flattened next year”.

“It is essential that we continue to grow as a chip machine company”, Teun Wartenbergh, director of real estate at ASML, says. “We don’t want to drive anyone away, but I can imagine that if we build more it comes across as intimidating”. For now, ASML has enough land for their building plans in the coming years.

On the other side of Kempenbaan in Kleine Dreef, residents are not happy about the expansions. “You just look against a mass factory”, one resident says. It is not a nice view for local residents and there is also a lot of noise pollution. According to some residents, the municipality is the weak link here. “They are the ones who give approval on everything”.

ASML expects to hire another 18,000 people through 2030.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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