Maker Faire Eindhoven a huge success

Maker Faire Entrance, Photo credit: Eindhoven News/ Lila Mehrez

This past weekend the Maker Faire took over Stadhuisplein. Held once every year in Eindhoven, the fair is a chance for children and adults to explore and try out brilliant experiments and out-of-the-box creations.

The fair brings together novices and experts whose collaboration has created a community that nourishes creatives in all fields.

Some highlights from this year’s fair include, but are not limited to robot races and robot soccer matches, adults and children having washing machine races, and a giant robot made of drums that play music; the hustle and bustle were spectacular.

Washing machine race, Photo credit: Eindhoven News/ Lila Mehrez
Space cruiser, Photo Credit: Eindhoven News/ Lila Mehrez


The event was divided into outdoor booths and indoor fun in the Eindhoven City Hall building, with a room dedicated to games made out of light, and an area for drone flying. There were booths for children to make their own cars and hovercrafts, have robot battles, laser cutting workshops and brilliantly 3D printed statues, chess boards, and automated train tracks.

Car making, Photo credit: Eindhoven News/ Lila Mehrez
connectors light project, Photo credit: Eindhoven News/ Lila Mehrez


A family event filled with energy and creativity for everyone, one of the many highlighted events held in Eindhoven, and one that children are highly encouraged to attend, concluded as a success once again.

The Maker Faire is a place designed for creators to showcase their new innovative ideas and creations, and is open for all to present their work. For information on how to become a maker and showcase your work, or for next year’s event program and other Maker Faire locations, visit Maker Faire.


Source: Maker Faire

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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