Eastern Europeans banned from homeless shelters: ‘Unapproachable and drunk’

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Recently, more and more homeless people from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE-landers) have been entering the central entrance for homeless people on Vissersstraat. However, this group causes problems for homeless shelters, which means that they are banned from now on.

Normally, about 40 to 60 people enter the homeless shelter on Vissersstraat. But the share of people from Central and Eastern Europe has recently risen sharply, the Municipal Executive writes in a letter to the city council.

That is not good for the atmosphere in the reception. The group of CEE nationals is not open to help, is not approachable due to the language barrier and drunkenness, nor does it participate in the activities offered.

‘Aspirating effect’

In addition, the council believes that the location on the Vissersstraat has an attractive effect. For example, CEE-landers from other Brabant municipalities and Limburg come to Eindhoven to use the walk-in function. Sometimes they are even actively referred to Eindhoven by professionals from the field.

Door Policy

The college is forced to take measures due to the course of events, which come in the form of a stricter policy. Homeless people who do not need help, do not want to participate in daytime activities or are under the influence will be refused from now on.

However, the commission warns that the measure could in the short term cause additional nuisance. Discussions are underway with various parties to tackle these problems properly.


The problems with homeless people from Central and Eastern Europe have been an issue in the region for some time. Earlier, Springplank040 announced that the group of homeless labor migrants is growing rapidly. People from Eastern and Central Europe are often brought to the Netherlands as cheap labour, but are lost when they are no longer needed at the employment agency. Since their residence is related to their employment contract, they subsequently become homeless.

Moreover, because the reception is well organized in Eindhoven, it is a popular destination for homeless labor migrants. The problems at the Vissersstraat are in any case temporary. The location is expected to close in the summer of 2023. The shelter will then move to Fuutlaan.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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