Eindhoven will receive its first shared cargo bikes in October

Eindhoven Municipality- Bakfiets
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From October, the first shared cargo bicycles can be found in various places in Eindhoven. In the future, there should be 200 cargo bikes throughout the city that are easy to rent.

In February, it was decided that companies could apply for a permit to install electric cargo bicycles. In May and June, two permits were subsequently issued to companies Cargoroo and Baqme

The Municipality of Eindhoven has announced that the first fifty Cargoroo shared cargo bikes will be installed at the beginning of October. Baqme’s cargo bikes follow later due to delivery problems.


It is not yet clear where all the bicycles will be placed however, locations will include Stratum, Strijp and Woensel where the bicycles can be picked up and returned.

Shared transport

The arrival of the delivery bicycles comes before the council’s planned evaluation of the emergence of electric shared transport in the city. This evaluation was promised to the council earlier this year, after it previously submitted a widely supported free motion to adjust the policy on shared transport.

This happened because shared transport is taking up more and more space in the city, with the arrival of electric scooters, electric (rental) cars and associated charging stations, among other things. Electric cargo bicycles are now also being added to this.

Who profits?

The evaluation is also necessary because many parties in the municipal council believe that providers of shared transport should pay a financial compensation to the municipality. After all, companies make full use of public space for their profit model.

The Municipality of Eindhoven has announced that shared cargo bike providers Cargoroo and Baqme will not have to pay for placing the cargo bikes in public space. The companies only have to pay two thousand euros each for the license application.

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