€2.35 million allocated for neighbourhood libraries in Bennekel and Eckart

Eindhoven allocates 2.3 million for neighbourhood libraries
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The Eindhoven Municipal Executive is allocating €2.35 million to set up two district libraries. These are the first of a total of six neighborhood libraries to be established in Eindhoven.

At the end of 2020, Eindhoven Library sounded the alarm about the subsidy the institution was receiving. It was far too little for a good library and especially given the target of broad prosperity in the city, libraries do contribute to that end.

A group of experts launched a study. That report showed that in addition to the large downtown library, there should be six smaller, local libraries. It is clear that those first branches should come in the Bennekel and Eckart.

But these branches must be very different from the old neighborhood libraries. More activities must be possible than just renting books. The libraries must be multifunctional, developed, and organized jointly by neighborhood residents and other stakeholders.

The new libraries must be developed by a neighborhood key driver, with room for experimentation, the council says. The new neighborhood libraries must also combat illiteracy and loneliness and provide social connections in the neighborhoods where they are located.

It is not yet clear when the new neighborhood libraries will open. The money that the municipality allocates for them is spread over four years, with a one-time amount of 350,000 euros in 2022. On top of that comes an annual amount of half a million euros from 2022 to 2025.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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