Fontys University of Applied Sciences to collaborate with ASML

Fontys Hogescholenand ASML
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At the opening of the academic year next Monday, Fontys University of Applied Sciences will conclude a cooperation agreement with ASML. Together, the parties want to ensure that students develop in such a way that they can immediately start working for companies in the region.

With the collaboration, Fontys and ASML want to ensure that the entire chain of supplying companies in the region will benefit from the training of talent. The collaboration will therefore consist of internships, assignments for projects, company visits, guest lectures and working in a hybrid learning environment.

In addition, there will be collaboration in the area of practice-based research. ASML and Fontys also want to look at the possibilities of giving more attention to science and technology through the training of elementary school teachers, so that these subjects will receive more attention in primary education.

In addition to Fontys and ASML, MKB-Nederland (the Dutch SME association, small and medium sized enterprises) is also signing the collaboration, also with the aim of better educating students for the industry. The signatures will be added on Monday 29 August at the Fontys branch on Rachelsmolen.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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