Clients’ council regrets discontinuation of management of GGzE

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The central clients’ council and the works council regret the dismissal of the GGzE executive board (RvB) by the supervisory board (RvT).

On Sunday it was announced that the supervisory board had suspended the executive board due to a breach of trust. This created an unworkable situation between the gouverning and supervisory body of the mental health care institution.

“The supervisory board ultimately took this drastic and painful decision in order not to endanger the administrative continuity of GGzE. The quality of care is guaranteed by a solid substantive team of therapists. Treatments and counseling will continue as usual”, the Supervisory Board said in a press release about the split.

‘Intensive consultation’
“Together with the medical staff, among others, a solution is being sought. Everything is being done to find a solution in close consultation with the supervisory board”, the works council and the client council stated in a joint response. “This is in the interest of the continuity of care for our clients and employees”.

The parties involved, the supervisory board, the medical staff, the works council and the client council have announced that they will consult intensively about the situation that has arisen.

The unrest within the GGzE arose shortly after the resignation of former director Joep Verbugt. Verbugt was a heavyweight within the organisation whose departure was apparently not easy to absorb.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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