Mierlo political coalition: “ambitions are set”

Geldrop coalition ambitious
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An additional 500 houses, a bus stop at Geldrop station, better occupation of community centres and more tourist facilities. These are some of the objectives of DGG (democratic group Geldrop), CDA (christian democrats) and DPM (Mierlo local party) in Geldrop-Mierlo’s new coalition agreement. The three parties also where at the helm in recent years.

The three parties presented their plans on Tuesday, more than two months after the elections. According to the three coalition parties, the agreement can count on broad support in the city council, including from the opposition parties. The agreement describes all kinds of goals to be achieved by 2026. A new municipal executive must draw up the plans for achieving these goals.

More homes and workplaces

An important goal is to increase the number of houses by 500 by 2026, mainly in the centre of Geldrop. An official taskforce will be set up to achieve this. In addition, a bus stop must be created at the railway station in order to improve accessibility within Geldrop. Other targets are: an occupancy rate of sixty per cent for community centres, increase of the number of work placements for people with distance to the labour market by half and fifty per cent of the business parks must be truly sustainable.


CDA, DPM and DGG have also been in charge in Geldrop-Mierlo for the past four years. “The chemistry between us is good. We will continue where we left off. Not much will change. However, our ambitions are sharper and we want to achieve results more quickly”, DGG leader, Frans Stravers, who will be working as an Alderman in the coming years, says. “Other parties have also been able to have their say. That creates a basis of support. We think it will help us reach our goals sooner. Some money had to be put where your mouth is”, Jan Peters Rit of DPM adds.

More service

Furthermore, the parties want enforcement officers to be more visible in the neighbourhoods in the next four years, and contact with residents must be improved. The municipality must also provide better service to residents: quicker return of phone calls, faster response to e-mails and better communication. Furthermore, DGG, CDA and DPM want to improve traffic safety in neighbourhoods, stimulate young people to exercise more and there will be a specific policy to reach out to people on a tight budget.

In addition, there are ambitions in the field of sports and sustainability. For instance, the number of car charging stations must be increased and the number of complaints about nuisance by companies must be reduced by 70 per cent. There should also be more sports facilities in the public space, such as a cross-country track or skate park. Furthermore, the coalition parties want to make Geldrop-Mierlo more attractive for tourists. There should be opportunities for recreation in Mierlo-Oost, Gulbergen, Luchen or near the castle of Geldrop. The “pearls of the municipality” should also be better promoted. The parties mentioned the Weverijmuseum (weaving museum), Dierenrijk (Mierlo zoo) and Sang en Goorkens (natural area).

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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