Hospitals are catching up on delayed care despite staff shortages

64 Corona Patients in the Hospital
Photo credit: Catharina Ziekenhuis/Studio040

For the first time in ages, all intensive care units (ICUs) in the region are clear of corona patients. There are none in the Catharina Hospital, the Máxima Medical Centre and the Anna Hospital.

This is good news, according to the Catharina Hospital. “Sure, we only have nine corona patients left, but they are not in the ICU. Most flu patients have also returned home. This is giving our staff some more breathing room. The backlogs that arose at some outpatient clinics during corona can now be made up.”

Continuously busy 

The same picture applies at both the Máxima MC and the Anna Hospital. At Anna, the six operating rooms are actually continuously occupied, a spokesperson reported. However, there are challenges in terms of personnel. “We are still dealing with a high level of absenteeism due to illness. People who were overworked in the corona period, and people who have contracted Long Covid. We notice that in the workplace,” says the spokesperson.

Absenteeism at the Catharina Hospital and the MMC has decreased, but they could still use extra hands. “We have the same problems here that occur at all other hospitals, across the country,” said a spokesperson for the Catharina Hospital.

Schedules complete

“But for the time being, we are still getting all the schedules complete. Things are going well now. However, if a corona wave comes again soon, there is a chance that problems will arise. It is difficult to solve the problems. Nationally, we are all fishing in the same pond.”

New Recruitment

Nevertheless, they are making an attempt to recruit extra people at the Anna Hospital. “We are always looking for good people. We have started a lateral entry trajectory for recruits. For example, those who want to make the transition from the catering industry to healthcare. We also offer traineeships for people who have just completed a healthcare education. This is how we try to recruit extra staff,” said the hospital spokesperson.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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